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Midwest City Community Homeschool Co-Ops in Midwest City

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

I'm sure you've heard the remarks over and over again:

"So many homeschool kids don't know how to socialize!"

What many do not know is that many homeschoolers are actually more equipped to socialize because they have more frequent and focused connection and communication with peers and adults.

They also have a secret weapon: Homeschool Co-ops!

Homeschool co-ops are a wonderful support for many homeschooling families. Co-ops are

there for families to supplement home education or just make connections with likeminded

families. Some co-ops require parents to volunteer while others do not, some are curriculum

based and others a strictly for social events. Homeschoolers can easily find the right fit for their

family by perusing the websites for a co-ops values, curriculum, and expectations or making a

co-op of their own. Listed below are several co-ops around the metro area.

Midwest City-Tinker AFB

Key Christian Home Educators Network

**Members must have access to base

Meets Thursdays from 12-4

For more information contact

Choctaw/Midwest City:

Grace Community Co-op

Meets Tuesdays from 8:30-1:00

Visit their page on Facebook at Grace Community Homeschool Co-op Of Choctaw, Oklahoma

For more information call (405)-229-0657

Del City:

Christian Fellowship Homeschool Co-op

Meets Mondays from 8-3

At First Southern Baptist

Visit their website at

For more information contact

South OKC:

Trailblazers Co-op

Meets Fridays from 9:45-12:15

Visit their website at

For more information contact


Connect Co-op

Meets Mondays from 9:30-12:30 At Council Road Baptist Church

For more information contact


Grounded Co-op

Meets Mondays from 9-4

Visit their website at

For more information contact


Little Ways Co-op

Meets in NE Edmond

Offers online teaching, in person classes and tutoring

Visit their website at

For more information contact

Classroom Collective

Meets at First Baptist Edmond

Tuesdays and Wednesdays for grades 4-12

Visit their website at

Email at

Hop Co-op

Is a social only co-op

That meets in Edmond Fridays from 1-3

For fieldtrips and social events

Email at

We would love to add your co-opto our list on Midwest City Moms, please email

There is also a big need for co-ops in the Midwest city area! If you are interested in starting your own, check out our article- Start Your Own Co-Op in Midwest City!

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