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Want to Give Back this Thanksgiving Day? Here are Three Groups in Midwest City You can Bless

Many parents want to instill the value of serving in their children, especially during the holiday season. Though there are many opportunities in Oklahoma City, it is always beneficial to serve in the community in which you live! Here are three places you can bless as a family in Midwest City this Thanksgiving.

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Bring Thanksgiving Food to First Responders

First Responders are not able to be with their families on holidays and miss out on lots of yummy food. Cook some extra Thanksgiving food or pack away left overs to bring to any Midwest City fire department, police department/jail, or hospital ER. In MWC City Hall, there are also three 911 dispatchers that many times get forgotten. They take almost 100 thousands calls a YEAR! They love being remembered.

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Bring Thanksgiving Food to Local Retail Workers

Many businesses still do not close on Thanksgiving. Places like Walgreens on Air Depot and 15th, Del City Walmart, Midwest City Crest stores, 7-11 convenience stores and the like. Many of these workers are overworked and underpaid so a Thanksgiving meal that says "we are thinking of you" can go a long way to give them extra fuel for those fiesta Black Friday shoppers!

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Bring Thanksgiving Food to Nursing Homes

Many of our seniors (and support staff) are forgotten this holiday season. Some do not have family nearby and it is a great pick me up when they see children in the residential facilities. Just pack away some food from Thanksgiving and bring some holiday cheer their way. Some Midwest City nursing homes to consider are Arbor House, Cross Timbers, Fountain Brook, and Sienna Care & Rehab.

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