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Start Your Own Homeschool Co-Op! Here's What You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Many cities do not have enough homeschool co-ops to meet the needs for homeschool families to have community and academic support. Midwest City is one of those cities! (For a list of co-ops in the OKC area near Midwest City, click here!) As homeschooling is becoming more prevalent since the 2020 shift in society, more and more families are looking for support and community for their students.

But what if I don't feel qualified?

There is NO qualification to create a homeschool co-op. You be you and invite others to come alongside you! Below are some videos of tips to get started!

Below are some videos from Homeschool University and Rooted in Rest to get started:

Part 1: Starting a FUN Homeschool Co-Op:

Part 2: Paperwork and Planning

Rooted in Rest also has a great Q&A for her experience of starting her own Co-Op!

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