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Guiding Values & Ethics

Motherhood is complex, beautiful, and challenging. Raising a strong, healthy family is no easy feat. Though our motherhood may look  different, we have much common ground in our motherhood experience. MWC Moms hopes to bring tools, encouragement, and resources to every mom of Midwest City, regardless of their background or beliefs. Do be advised that the Midwest City Moms Platform and social medias are a faith-based LLC and our writers agree to honor and write in alignment with the values and ethics of this platform in our articles, social media content, and interactions with the community. Our values also empowers us to give back to the community through our partner faith-based nonprofit, Building Generations, which helps under-resourced mothers and families build a better life in Midwest City.


Building Generation's services include access to a maternity clothes closet, assistance with accessibility to pre/post natal care during pregnancy, connection to local communities for resilience, and assistance with becoming stable and self-sufficient in 11 key resources. Though our content will promote biblio-centric faith-based content, bibliocentric family values, and mostly conservative content, all are welcome to read and participate and are able to utilize our nonprofit services with Building Generations regardless of religion, age, race, social class or gender-identity. 

Mother and Daughter
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