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Welcome to the Midwest's Model City!

Established 1943

The visionary and founder of Midwest City, W.P. "Bill" Atkinson, developed Midwest City to support the Midwest Air Depot (now known as Tinker Air Force Base) in 1942. With shopping, parks, schools, and unique and innovative neighborhood planning, families from all over the U.S. flocked to Midwest City to raise their family as they worked on the base. In 10 years, the area went from wheat fields to nationally recognized as a model city for post-war development.

This city was built as a city of hope and new beginnings. Of healthy Midwestern homes and families. Yes, it was to support the base, but W.P. understood that without a community that supported families, they wouldn’t move to Midwest City. Today, we get to see the fruit of that labor and the sacrifice of all of our community members and leaders since 1943!


Family Guides to Midwest City, Oklahoma 

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