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6 Tips for Viewing the Tribute to Liberty Fireworks Show!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Fourth of July is always a big deal in Midwest City!

Since my husband was a kid, Independence Day was his favorite holiday and he counted down to the festivities. As a youth, he would fundraise for his missions trips at fireworks stands. Until I married him, I never knew how many different types of fireworks existed! They are all the same to me 😂 Who knows how much money we spend each year on fireworks!

Fourth of July in Midwest City is special. Since eight grade, my family has celebrated Fourth of July watching the Tribute to Liberty show and there's definitely some tips we learned over the years. Hopefully they will help you have the best year of celebration yet!

1. Get There Early

Thousands of people gather for the show so it's important to have your area picked our and your stuff laid out so you have a place to rest while you watch! Blankets, folding chairs, and the like are great options for comfort!

2. Location is Key Most people flock to Joe B. Barnes Regional Park to watch the show, but it gets CROWDED. Parking can be a challenge as well as finding a place to sit down. More seasoned viewers go to the Douglas side of Regional Park or park/set up in the parking lots in the businesses in front of Regional Park. You might find my family behind the buildings in the Bowling Green Medical Center & Business Offices watching. It's typically a great view!

3. Grab the Bug Spray and Lawn Chairs (not blankets)

I don't know about you, but mosquitos LOVE me. If this is you or you have little ones, please be sure to remember the bug spray or your preferred mosquito repellent to keep you and the little ones from being eaten up and distracted the whole show.

4. Put Fur Baby on a Leash

Many families decide to bring their fur babies with them to view the show. It's so fun to have fido with us while we celebrate at an open-air public event. Be cautious though! A couple of years back during the fireworks show, my dad was bit in the face by a dog not on a leash and had to have stitches! You never know how your pup may react to the loud sounds, tons of people, and other animals present. PLEASE put them on a leash to keep them and others safe and able to enjoy the park.

5. Locate the Nearest Trash Cans and Bathrooms

Be prepared to bring a portable kid potty if your kid is potty training because you may not have easy access to a restroom. And, of course, Midwest City Public Works would appreciate making sure any trash you bring makes its way into the restroom!

6. Last But Not Least

As we are a military town, this Tribute to Freedom, be sure to find a veteran and thank them for their service! We are land of the free because of the brave

Tribute to Liberty is held every fourth of July in Midwest City at Joe B. Barnes Regional Park. Go to the Midwest City Community Events Page to find out more!

Do you have more tips to make your Tribute to Liberty Fireworks Show experience better? Comment below or share this article with extra tips!

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