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Potty Training? Here's 10 Tips for a Smooth Training!

Potty training toddlers is no easy feat. It is a graduation period for parents and their children! Before you read the tips below, remember one thing: your kids will not be 30 and not potty trained! We are excited for you and this new journey with your little one!

1. Create a Routine: Establish a consistent potty schedule for your child. Regular bathroom breaks can help them recognize the urge to go. Setting an alarm on your phone to "check in" can make a difference!

2. Get Some Equipment: Invest in a child-friendly potty chair or toilet seat for the regular toilet. Make sure it's comfortable and safe for your child. You may need a step stool too if your toilet is tall!

3. Celebrate Small Wins: Praise your child for successful potty trips. Positive reinforcement encourages them to continue using the toilet. You can do a marshmallow, a sticker sheet, or a high five! Some families give a special reward for poop and a verbal praise of a "good job!" for pee.

4. Lead by Example: Sometimes, children learn by watching. Allow them to observe you using the toilet to demystify the process.

5. Use Engaging Books and Videos: Introduce books or videos that focus on potty training. This can make the experience fun and educational. Here's a list!

6. Dress for Success: Dress your child in clothing that is easy to remove. This promotes independence when they need to use the potty quickly. This means no belts for sure!

7. Establish Communication: Teach your child words or signals to express when they need to go. This can be a sign language for "potty".

8. Stay Patient and Calm: Accidents will happen. Stay calm and reassure your child. Patience is crucial during this learning phase. Remember- it's not personal! They're not doing it to spite you or to intentionally make you mad. They are learning a new skill as are you!

9. Offer Independence: Encourage your child to flush the toilet and wash their hands. This fosters a sense of responsibility.

10. Celebrate the Transition: Celebrate the transition from diapers to underwear. Make it an exciting milestone for your child.

Remember, every child is different and potty training may take time. Be supportive, stay consistent, and celebrate each step toward success.

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