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Beyond Delivery Program

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No one talks about the Fourth Trimester

Becoming a mom is a life changing experience. Society likes to celebrate the pregnancy, the growing baby, and shower the parents to be with baby gifts galore! But what about the mom? Many times, after baby is born, the focus goes to the baby instead of the mom and her (and dad's) needs become neglected. Staying healthy in spirit, soul, and body can be challenging when all the focus goes to providing and caring for this little bundle of joy. 

We believe in caring for mom and baby beyond the delivery room! Support after delivery lowers chance for postpartum depression and adverse childhood experiences for baby and family. 

One way we do this is with our Beyond Delivery meal delivery program. Mothers who sign up receive a free frozen lasagna (to eat whenever they want after birth) and a free care package that takes care of mom and baby. It includes:

-Frozen Lasagna 



-Self Care Kit for Mom

-Community information for resources and connection with other moms in Midwest City

-Other items as available

This program is for ANY mom-to-be in Midwest City limits. This is the least we can do! 

Sign Up

Register for your meal delivery or send as a gift to a mom-to-be you know!

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