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Best Playgrounds for Toddlers in Midwest City

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Not all playgrounds are created equal. Especially when you have littles under three and just beginning to walk, going to the park can be stressful and anxiety-filled. Thankfully, Midwest City offers playgrounds that are accommodating to toddlers.

Below are Midwest City Mom's picks for toddler friendly playgrounds.

Third Place: Jack Guthrey Kiwanis Park

Second Place: Tinker Bicentennial Park

This hidden gem, Tinker Bicentennial Park, can be forgotten by many Midwest City residents as it is right next to the welcome center off of 29th! The fenced playground had toddler friendly equipment and interactive components as well! It typically is not busy and kids are visible at all times! Take a stop in at the welcome center's photo area that also features space and flight visuals!

First Place: Optimist Park

In first place, we have Optimist Park! This park is the easy win for best park for toddlers. Recently renovated and located off of Westminster, this park accommodates for toddlers and elementary grade school kids. They have a sweet swing where you can face your baby as you swing together. WE may or may not have stacked four kids on it at one time 🤫 It is easy to see the kids throughout the whole park, bathrooms are easily accessible, and there is a fence! The only disclaimer is that there are large cinderblocks on the edge of park that beckons the kids to climb on them and try to balance on the edge. Why kids like giving their moms a heart attack, we don't know. But Optimist Park is the most friendly and safe in Midwest City.

Here is a list of all parks in Midwest City! We LOVE parks!

What park in Midwest City is your favorite and why? Comment below!

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