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The Story Behind Chosen Moms Event, MWC Mom's Mother's Day Weekend Celebration

"Motherhood is the hardest thing I've ever done," says founder of Midwest City Moms, Malana Bracht, who has four children six and under. Malana is very involved with the Midwest City community and says she lives a very "full" life, but motherhood... it's a whole other animal. This challenging, but rewarding journey of motherhood is what inspired their Mother’s Day Weekend Event, The Chosen Moms. Read more more below ⬇️

Malana thinks back to the beginnings of what inspired the Chosen Moms Event.

"I think I expected motherhood to be this glamorous, romantic thing where I got to cuddle my babies all day long and feel butterflies in my stomach. Instead, I found myself constantly feeling defeated and just like a failure. Every day, I felt like I was pushing a huge boulder up a hill that kept falling back on me and nothing I did made a difference. I would put on a happy face, telling others and myself that I was okay, but really I was struggling. After a while, I wondered if I wasn't meant to do this [motherhood] at all. Of course I love my babies, but I just felt so...helpless. Overwhelmed. No one told me it was going to be like this."

A moment in her journey in 2022 changed things. After moving cross-country with a three week old colicky newborn, temporarily living with her in-laws, and battling the ups and downs mentally of postpartum hormones, she reached her limit. Closing the door to her bedroom, she fell to her knees and sobbed. She had nothing left. Not knowing what else to do, she quietly pleaded with God and said, "I can't do this. How am I supposed to do this?"

That's when something changed. She heard a voice in her heart.

In your weakness, I will give you strength.

She felt so worn, so raw. In that moment, she was then reminded of a dream she had years ago where she tried to walk on water and got scared and ran back to the shore, only to be met with a voice that said, "I have created you to do this." She believed that voice was Jesus. "It was this aha! moment. Like I had passed a test or something. I had been trying to do this by myself and just "hustle through it" when all along I had this helper with the whole time that I wasn't tapping into." Even though she was scared, even though she was overwhelmed, hope came into her bedroom that morning that renewed her perspective that 1) It wasn't a mistake she was her children's mom- she was chosen 2) God wouldn't abandon her and expect her to “figure it out” and do it on her own- He would help and use his Word and people to do it if she asked.

"That's when I knew- not only was God there to help me if I asked, but my community could too. I honestly was just afraid of embarrassing myself by asking or being afraid of being rejected by other moms because motherhood wasn't easy for me. I began connecting with more moms, loving and gentle mom, moms who also were willing to be real with me and shake me out of my fog and stress-responses. I knew I wanted to share this freedom and support with other moms and that's how this event was born. With The Chosen Moms Event, we could help other moms, even moms with kids who were teenagers and adults, be reminded that they 1) are chosen for this and 2) aren't expected to do it alone and have all the answers.

MWC Moms Mother's Day Weekend Celebration, The Chosen Moms is for all Oklahoma moms in all stages of their motherhood journey needing encouragement, community, and a time of refreshment. On-site childcare is provided for the 2.5 hour event, local vendors will have great products to shop from, moms will submit tickets for giveaways valued at more than their ticket, & they will have times to be encouraged by other mom's stories of hope in motherhood. A panel of local professionals who specialize in mom, parenthood, and family life will be there as well to ask all the questions moms may have to help make their journey easier and feel more equipped. All of this takes place on a beautiful retreat on the outskirts of east Oklahoma City called Enchanted Gardens.

"We wanted moms to still have plenty of time for Mother's Day celebrations with their family so we scheduled it at 9am to honor that time. But don't worry- we will have coffee from The Underground Coffee!"

Malana hopes moms, whether Christians or not, will attend explaining that they can "respectfully abstain" from the faith-based content if they do so wish, "Much of this content is relevant to the motherhood experience. Even if our faith-based portion of the motherhood sessions may not feel like they apply to you and your journey, the fun, the community, vendors, and panel still have so much to help any mom feel encouraged and more refreshed before they leave! It is such a great way to kick off the Mother's Day weekend festivities."

Learn more about the event, here:

Day of Event Details Include:

Date: Saturday, May 11th from 9:00am-11:30am

Location: Enchanted Gardens on i40 and Post (3801 Post Raid OKC OK)


9:00am-Doors Open, Pick up SWAG bag, Check Kids in!

9:15am- Yummy Food by The Surf Bar OK, Mom Hang Out, & Vendor Time! Grab a personal portrait by Kalee Isenhour Photography and submit your tickets for Chosen giveaways!

10:00- First Motherhood Activity

10:30- Second Motherhood Activity & Break

10:50- Motherhood Panel Q&A

11:30 Giveaway Announcements!

Perfect with friends!

You can purchase your tickets HERE

Do note that childcare spots have filled up but individual mom and support tickets are still available

*Please email know if you have a financial need as we have limited sponsored tickets. Do not let finances be a reason you cannot attend. We love you and can't wait to spend time with you!

*Do note that MWC Moms is a Christian-based organization and we can't wait to share every-day moms stories of how God helped them through the hardest times of their motherhood journey. All are welcome regardless of faith, marital status, ect. If your motherhood is feeling heavy, this event is for you!

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