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TV Shows Worth Watching with Your Kids Ages 0-5 (Besides Bluey)

If you're in the mood for a low-energy way to connect with your kids, watching and bonding over a kid friendly TV show is a great option! Find the age-appropriate lists below ⬇️

To make it really memorable, pop some popcorn and be sure to ask the kids questions while watching to show your interest. They don't care about the show- they care about time with you ❤️

Baby to 3 Years-

Ms. Rachel YouTube midwest city moms

We love us some Ms. Rachel! She was a speech pathologist in a former life and now creates developmentally appropriate videos for babies and toddlers! She is very interactive and even has tips for parents to take part and know where their baby is to be for typical development for each age.

It may seem counter-productive, but 80% of communication is nonverbal! Shows like Pocoyo, Masha and The Bear, and Trash Truck help toddlers to analyze nonverbal communication while helping them increase their focus. These shows also have contrast in them and beautiful graphics which catches the eye of parents and babies alike.

Word Party is super cute and easy to have your baby interact with! The intro song and the little kid voices might get stuck in your head, but the babies love it. It's pretty original writing too!

Babies do not have all of their color receptors in their eyes until the age of 5 months. Because of this, shows and books that have heavy contrast of white and black catch their eyes the most. Television shows and black and white contrast books like Hello, My World or Black and White, Nighty Night are great ways to stimulate your baby's development. Hey Bear episodes are also great because not only do they have contrast, but also does not change to a new camera angle every three seconds like most kids shows (which is not good for their brain development and focus).

4Yrs. - 6 Yrs.

"It's a wonderful day in this neighborhood..." None of us can forget the kind man who came home from work each day, took off his shoes, put on a cardigan and inspired millions of children in America to be brave and know their value. PBS made an adaption of his characters from the beloved show in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger is great for kids and their parents alike to learn Emotional Intelligence, healthy ways to manage emotions, and how to have empathy for others. Though Mr. Rogers is no longer with us, his message lives on through Daniel to know- we are special!

Especially if you're looking for a Christian kid show, Slugs and Bugs is a great option and, similarly to Blippi, the main host is really able to connect with kids! Also, just like Blippi, their songs are super catchy and fun that helpd kids learn about developing good character and Bible scriptures. Mom and dad grow more in their faith while also bonding with their kids!

Kids love to go to the zoo, right? Bring the zoo to you with a Disney documentary! Typically narrated by favorited Hollywood actors, you and your children learn soooo much about different animals from all over the world. Our only tip is to fast-forward through the mating or deaths to prevent fear! ;)

"Excavaaattteeerrrrr" If Blippi (preferably the original) is not a common name in your household- it is now! Blippi is a character that travels to museums and other fun places to explore! He really knows how to connect with kids at their level and all of his content is educational too! His voice can sometimes get on your nerves, but kids really do connect with the episodes. We have known parents to take their children to different sites featured by his show that they would've never known about before! You can also watch the female-led spin-off, Meekah on Netflix as well!

We know we left some on the table- what are some favorites for your family for this age group? What shows do you and you kids enjoy watching together? Comment below!

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