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How To Have a Halloween Treasure Hunt

First- Plan Out Your Treasure Hunt

The easiest way to set up a treasure hunt is to determine how many destinations you want to include, don't forget the start and final destination in your count. Map out how many destinations you have, then create one written riddle for each!

Riddles are super fun as next steps to the treasure! To write a short riddle, write the phrase like a game show


This item is known for taking you to school (car)

Sometimes cold, sometimes freezing, your next destination is where our food spends its evening! (fridge)

This never moving box is addressed to our family" or "this box is for daily deliveries" (mailbox)

If you are having troubles thinking of where to hide your clues, places like inside books, dryers, mailboxes, freezers, taped under tables, inside cookie jars or backpacks, taped behind a closet door- the opportunities are endless! It doesn't have to be overwhelming just find somewhere out of sight.

You can have each clue lead to a different room in your home or lead you to places outside. Some fun places are your car's trunk, the garage, garden or porch, or even to places such as neighbor's houses, grandparents, local parks or even libraries if you can swing it and get other people involved in the fun.

Second- Prep Your Treasure!

This can be anything you want as your "treasure". It can be a candy bowl overflowing, a pair of tickets to an event, a bog toy they've been wanting for a while, or even their brand new costumes for Halloween!

Third- Give Them Their First Clue

Give your child their 1st clue or even have them find it by asking them to check if there is something hiding under their pillow and have "Riddle 1" waiting there for them.

Have that clue then lead to the next destination until you reach the desired final destination that contains the prize! This can be as easy or complex as you like.

The best part is this is an adventure, not a race, you want it to be as much fun as possible! Give your kiddos verbal clues if your they get stumped, but don't be afraid to give them time to think it through and give those problem-solving skills a chance shine!

Happy Hunting!

Did you try the treasure hunt? We would love to hear if this inspires some creative fun!

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