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Get Crafty with this Thanksgiving Tree Activity thanksgiving tree hand cut out kids craft Midwest City Oklahoma Lauren sardono
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

Get ready for a heartwarming Thanksgiving activity that'll have your little ones feeling grateful and blessed! This fun and interactive activity is perfect for families to bond and learn about the power of gratitude.

Things you'll need to get started:

  • Construction paper in warm autumn colors (or any paper in fall hues)

  • Coloring tools (markers, crayons, pencils, etc.)

  • Scissors

  • A slender container (vase, jar, etc.)

  • Rocks or soil (to hold the sticks in place)

  • Slim tree branches or sticks

  • Yarn or string and a hole punch


1. Rally up the whole family and set out on a scavenger hunt for some strong and sturdy branches or sticks. Make sure they have plenty of little offshoots on them too.

2. Put the branches in your chosen container and secure them with rocks or soil to keep them standing tall.

3. Trace and cut out everyone's hand on a piece of paper and punch a hole near the bottom for the string to go through.

4. Encourage the kiddos and the rest of the family to jot down things they are grateful and thankful for.

5. Keep adding the leaves to the tree until it's overflowing with beautiful and thankful foliage!

Why not make it a daily tradition leading up to Thanksgiving? Each family member can add a new leaf to the tree every day for the whole month!

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