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36 TV Free Fun Activities to Do at Home

Especially when school is not in session, it can be a challenge to figure out how to keep the kids busy and engaged without watching TV all day! What do you do with your kids all day? Here's 36 TV free fun activities to do at home below!

TV Free Fun Activities to do at home midwest city oklahoma
  • Make a Sensory Box

  • Play with Play-Doh

  • Color with Crayons or Markers

  • Play Outside

  • Go for a Walk

  • Read a Book

  • Play with Stickers and Paper

  • Play in the Kiddie Pool

  • Listen to Interactive Dance Songs on Youtube

  • Sing Favorite Kid Songs

  • Play with Cardboard Boxes and Markers

  • Make Obstacle Course with Tape Lines on the Floor

  • Play Hopscotch

  • Blow Bubbles

36 TV Free Fun Activities to Do at Home midwest city, oklahoma
  • Play with Chalk

  • Lay Out Pillows and Play the Floor is Lava

  • Build a Fort

  • Make Cookies or Bake

  • Play Parachute with a Sheet

  • Wash the Car Together

  • Read a Bible Story

  • Have a Picnic Outside on a Blanket

  • Clothes Basket Fishing

  • Play in Bathtub with Toys (No Water)

  • Cool Whip And Pretzel Search

  • Search for Candy in Cool Whip

  • String Cheerios

  • Put Spaghetti Noodles or Pipe String through a Colander

36 TV Free Fun Activities to Do at Home midwest city oklahoma
  • Paint Nails

  • Call Someone on Video Chat

  • Do a Photography Shoot with Your Phone Camera

  • Paint Outside

  • Play with Make-up

  • Play an instrument

  • Play Catch

  • Play Tag

  • Make a Craft for Mom or Dad

  • Write a Letter or Draw a Picture to an Out of State Family Member

Any more TV free activity ideas? We'd love to hear them! Comment below with what you like to do with your kids at home with no TV!

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