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What's Your Word of the Year? A Special Invite from Jesus in 2024

Updated: Feb 1

This isn't your typical self-improvement, examining yourself so that you can improve who you are kind of "New Years" article. Instead, this is a personal invitation to reflect on your previous year in 2023 to 1) make peace with the past and 2) move boldly into 2024. Take some time to clear your mind so you can focus on making new memories with God and those who you love as you do this exercise.

Welcome to a practice called, "A Word of the Year"!

Download, print or write from your phone on this PDF Document to get started. Read below for tips on how to complete it! If you are unable to print, email we can send you a simple step by step to fill out on a blank sheet of paper to get started!

Word of the Year for MWCMOMS
Download PDF • 232KB

Some Notes as You Begin:

As you begin your worksheet, start with a review of 2023. Do not skip this part as it lays a foundation for what you want in 2024.

As you write your hearts desires down for 2024, look for a common themes in the stuff you write. This could be things about family, things about growing in your faith, things about growing in your health. If you see three or more similar themed topics, summarize that into one word. This word is a reminder (not a dictator) for you to meditate on and that you can trust God has good plans for you in this area for this upcoming year if you give Him that area of your life. It's a reminder that as you see this topic throughout the year, that He hasn't forgotten you and will help you in this area. Because He knows your future, He likes to show you how He is moving in your life! He loves to have adventures with you! This Word of the Year is an opportunity for adventure.

An Example:

If you find in your 2023 summary that "health" is a common desire from all of your writing, then choose "health" or "wholeness" as your Word of the Year. From there, you can find a Bible verse about the word health or wholeness like the verse "Beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper and enjoy good health, as your soul also prospers." (James 1:2). Using Google is a great way to find a verse based on your Word. Many Bible verses can be used as promises that God has for us that we can remind ourselves over and over again when we are struggling or looking to grow in our faith in an area of our lives like our health.

You can write your Word of the Year on a notebook, in a prominent place you see everyday or even in your car somewhere!

In order to move into this new area in 2024 with God's help, we must first process and make peace with 2024 with forgiveness and gratitude. Don't skip these parts of your worksheet!

Some Notes on Gratitude Section

What are you thankful for from 2023? This is not just naming people, the family dog, or something that happened. Rather than listing the person, place or think, think of "WHY" you're thankful about it- get specific. Tip: Use your calendar to bring things to mind if you are having a hard time thinking of something!

Example: I am thankful for my shihtzu Rosie Lou! Years ago,  God answered my prayer for a little black and white shih tzu that would have been impossible to get without going through a long process and He brought her to me in a week! For me, she is a symbol of Gods faithfulness in my life. Rosie reminds me that God sees me and cares about the small things in my life.

Some Notes on the Forgiveness Section

Is forgiveness a dirty word to you? Is it something that makes you think yeah- that person really needs to ask me for forgiveness for what they did to me. Did you know that forgiveness is powerful? Forgiveness is the exercising of your personal ability to release to God the judgement of a situation. Its saying I will not carry the weight of this thing anymore and I personally choose to give the pain of it all to you Lord. Likewise, unfogiveness is powerful too. Many have heard the phrase "unforgiveness is like drinking poison hoping the other person will die". Unforgiveness is ILL will. It will make you sick from the inside out. Who wants to be known for bitterness? Who wants to be known for being callused?

In the section about forgiveness, write out anyone that comes to mind you are holding in debt for their actions, lack of actions etc. This may even be yourself, or even God. Write it all out.

Forgiveness is a choice we can make. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are commanded to forgive and make this choice because Jesus forgave you first. Ask Jesus for His help to let go of these things and entrust justice to Him so that you can move forward in freedom in 2024!

In closing...

Personally, I walk myself through this process each year. I pray that these worksheets brings closure and wholeness to your heart as your dive into them. As you release the past, you are making space for all that God has for you. I want to leave you with this passage from the Bible:

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." -Hebrews 12:1

God has plans for your life in 2024, sis! Here's the thing- if you don't choose to throw off the heavy things that keep you trapped in the cycles from the past, it can be really hard to make fresh new memories to begin with. This doesn't require a new year to do, this is actually something you can do on a regular basis too.

Let's make the most of this 2024 adventure with God with a Word of the Year!

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