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The Cure for Comparison

Updated: May 24, 2023

There’s someone in my life, as I’m sure there may be in yours, that just seems to “have it all together”. She’s a mom, business owner, loves Jesus and has the best dang branding on social media I’ve seen. I have no doubt she works really hard and has earned all of the accolades and rewards her platform has afforded her.

I find myself comparing myself, my company, my ministry- even my family life - to hers.

But the enemy has used her to cause me to get out of my position as a secure daughter of the Lord. the cure for comparison blog Christian author speaker FLE

While nursing my new little man, Stephen, in the middle of the night, I looked around at my messy bedroom and began to ask the Lord why her life and platform seemed so perfect.

Mine looked so different.

While hers was organized and minimalist, mine was chaotic and colorful. Surely her house never looked like mine does right now! I began to repent because I felt like I had failed the Lord somehow because I wasn’t keeping up with hers in my lifestyle, numbers, or branding.

Then the Lord whispered something to me:

It looks different because the assignment is different.

Let me say that again:

My life, my business, even my “branding” looks different because I have a different assignment.

I want to encourage you today if your find yourself comparing your life with others:

Look at your assignment.

Yes, there are the plethora of blogs that talk about how gratefulness is the cure to comparison and it is true. But another place to kill comparison is asking the Lord, “What is the requirement of my assignment? What does my life need to consist of in order to walk in what you have called me to in this season?”

The Bible says

“…we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

He has good works he has planned for us to do!

In my case, my good works is having a messy house where all my furniture doesn’t match and I have an inconsistent posting schedule on social media.

And I’m still considered his masterpiece.


My assignment right now is to take care of four children five and under, move cross-country, and be frugal with our finances to invest in our future in order to live the life we are called to as pastors in Oklahoma.

My masterpiece life may look more like abstract art than realism, but it is still painted by the Lord.

Friends- focus on your lane, your assignment. And when the enemy tries to tempt you with comparison of someone else’s life, pray for that person that they will fulfill their God-assignment as you fulfill yours- running together (in unity) as the Body of Christ.

As you let him lead you, your life is being built by the Lord. Every aspect of your life is meant to serve that assignment and give him glory- and it will look different than your neighbors though it is no less valuable.

Keep up the good work of Christ ❤️

So how about you?

What is your assignment in this season?

How does your life reflect that? I’d love for you to comment below!



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