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Midwest City VBS Options 2023

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Vacation Bible School is such a fun opportunity to pass down your family's faith and also get some free childcare 😉

Below are as many VBS programs we could find offered in Midwest City for 2023! Please be sure to note age/grade allowed, if they are drop off or not, and additional notes. Links ⬇️

Theme: Not Listed

Ages: Ages 3 Potty Trained to 12th grade.

Location: 8627 E. Main St. Midwest City 73110.

Time and Dates: July 24th-28th / 6:30 pm-8:30pm

Register Here

For questions: Call 405-737-2624

Don't see your church on the list? Comment below or email us at

*Please note – While we make every effort to crosscheck current links and event details on our guides, we always encourage you to do the same before making final plans. If details are missing or incorrect, please let us know so that we can correct them.

Already Completed- See You Next Year!

Theme: Keepers of the Kingdom

Ages: Completed Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Time and Dates: June 5th-9th/9am-noon

Notes: Children who enroll by May 22nd will get a free VBS Shirt on the first day of of VBS.  All others will get a free shirt by the end of VBS.)

For questions call: 405-732-0308

Theme: Twists and Turns

Ages: Not listed

Time and Dates: June 5th-9th/9am-noon

Notes: Spin the spinner, beat the clock, skip ahead, level up, and play to win! You’ll need to bring your A-game for this VBS. Twists & Turns is a fantastical celebration of games of all kinds. From classic tabletop games to video games and more, kids will play their way through VBS while learning that Jesus guides them through all the twists and turns of their lives. They’ll find that even when they mess up it’s never “game over.”

For questions: 405-732-3235

Theme: Twists and Turns

Ages: 3 years old through completed 5th grade

Time and Dates: June 4-June 8 from 6:00-8:30pm

For More Information:

Theme: Stellar

Ages: Kindergarten - 5th Grade, option for 3-pre-k available

Time and Dates: June 26-29, Monday through Thursday/5pm-8pm

For questions: 405-732-0356

Theme: Twists and Turns

Ages: 3 years old through completed 5th grade

Time and Dates: June 9-June 13 from 5:45-8:30pm

For More Information:

Theme: Anchored

Ages: Age 4 years old - 5th Grade

Time and Dates: July 27-28th, 6:00-8:30 pm

For questions: 405-732-0356

Theme: Twist and Turn

Ages: Finished Pre-K through 5th grade

Time and Dates: July 16th-20th/5:00pm-8:30pm

Notes: Pool Party at Reno Swim and Slide for registration on Thursday, July 13th at 7:30 pm. Free to attend pool party. Free for the whole family.

For questions: 405-732-2201 |

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Eastwood Baptist Church in MWC has VBS for kids ages 3 years old through completed 5th grade, June 4-June 8 from 6:00-8:30pm!

Midwest City Moms
Midwest City Moms
Jun 06, 2023
Replying to

Thanks so much for sharing! Is there contact information for parents if they have questions? How about a link to register? :)

We have it added!

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