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It's Fall Ya'll! Fall Activity List to Do with Littles

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Megan mason MidWest City moms Oklahoma fall activities for kids

Hello September, the official start of fall!

For many fall enthusiasts the new season brings anticipated excitement as we start to eagerly await the promises of cooler weather, the vibrant colors, and new activities. Many parents know the changing of the seasons brings much joy to our kids as well, now that new or different activities are back on the to do list. While the older children maybe starting school, sports, or other admired extra circulars, you may be trying to find a way to introduce your younger children to the joys of the season.

Below are some inspirational ideas to spend some quality time this fall for festive fun with your littles.

Megan mason MidWest City moms Oklahoma fall activities for kids

1. Fall Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Craft

One family favorite is a fall themed outdoor scavenger hunt that can also be made into a craft project. Directions:

- Go outside and look in nature to find Autumn inspired colors and objects such as, leaves, small pinecones, fall colored flowers, basically anything that reminds you of fall.

-You can either have a list, or just wing it, either way kids love to go out searching for leaves of every color, shape, and size.

- Once you get all your fall outdoor “materials” you can make a craft of your choice with real fall foliage.

One craft we like to do is to draw a tree trunk with limbs on paper, crunch up our leaves we found outside into smaller pieces, and then glue them to our of tree, the ground, and all around the paper to create a beautiful fall scene. Any leafy leftovers can be turned into a sensory bin for toddlers!

Megan mason MidWest City moms Oklahoma fall activities for kids baking

2. Baking

Autumn is also a classic time for baked goods. Flavors such as apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, salted caramel are standard fall favorites. What a better way to introduce kids to fall flavors and spices by bringing them into the kitchen to help create something sweet. Time spent baking with kids can create treasured memories, simpler desserts like cookies, rice crispies, or cupcakes are typical kid favorites. Baking together is filled with several teaching opportunities, such as math for the measurements, cleanliness standards, chemistry of the ingredients, and safety procedure, plus there is the bonus of something sweet to eat at the end. The art of baking can be a great way to teach, connect, and have fun.

Megan mason MidWest City moms Oklahoma fall activities for kids

3. Front Porch Make-Over

The dollar tree is a great place for craft ideas for a front porch make over! Most fall fanatics love a well decorated porch to capture the essence of the fall season. Decorating the front porch with kids is a great way to accomplish this. The dollar tree offers numerous of different crafts, you can choose to paint on imitation pumpkins or season shaped wooden templates. You can choose to create floral arrangements that the kiddos can help pick out and artistically arrange. One creative memory you can create with your children is by constructing scarecrows/straw people from old clothes! Have them pick out an old outfit, stuff the torso and limbs with straw or stuffing material, find some burlap/material for the head, draw a face, add something fun like a hat, gloves, straw hair, and you have your own unique décor. There is limitless potential for a beautiful fall scene used from the items gathered from the outdoors, your own crafts, or décor from some stores. If you or your littles love to plant or garden, mums are an admired addition to your fall inspired porch planters or garden beds this time of year.

Megan mason MidWest City moms Oklahoma fall activities for kids

4. Make the most of those crunchy pile of leaves

Lastly, nothing screams fall like the time honored traditional of creating a leaf pile to jump into. One of the most beloved aspects of the Autumn season is the beautiful foliage. With dazzling colors of crimsons, burnt orange, brilliant yellows, and soft browns, the beauty of the season is a sight to behold.

Mommas- take time this season to admire a drive or enjoy time in the park, it is a great way to spend time to connect with your kids and is as valuable as any project or activity. Remember that time intentionally spent with loved ones is never wasted.

What are some fun fall activities you like to do with your kiddos? Comment below!

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